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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Who Really Loves You

this is all I have to say

At the end of our lives, we will judge ourselves by a few different standards, creeds and values that we held true during that journey – One will be our belief in the truth, however we define that truth during our lives, how we were taught it, how we interpreted it, and then how we lived it.  Two will be how we dealt with the life we were chosen to live. Who taught us, who shared it with us and who we shared it with, whether our friends, our enemies, or all others with whom we came into contact. And third, the most important of all, will be who we loved and who loved us as much.  Who we searched for our entire lives, bc intrinsically, we all do, who we find, who looks at us like a mirror of themselves, who thinks that, hey, there is someone out there like me, who doesn’t judge, who listens, when all we ask is that they hear, who is us, who is exactly like our parents, who reminds us of the way we felt when we were children, who aren’t innocent and never judge, who are the reason why we live, and the person who when we look into their eyes, we see ourselves, which in reality, are our children.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Why Can't Priests Get Married?


Ok, I'm confused - why can't Priests get married?  Did God say that in order to worship him or follow him or be his representative, that men cannot do the one thing that human beings are intrinsically supposed to do?  And if so, why can Rabbis and Protestant Priests or anyone else on this planet have families and still represent the man?  It doesn't make one bit of sense.  Are the Jewish God and Protestant God or Hindu God less virtuous?  Are they lesser of a God bc they allow their top Lieutenants to have sex?  Are you f'ing kidding me?  Now, I was raised as a Roman Catholic and even went to Catholic High School, and I am still confused.  God would never have told man, the same man that he built in his image from the rib of a woman, no less, that he cannot do the one thing that he supposedly was put on this planet to do - TO PROCREATE.  Yet, the Church tells catholics not to wear protection - WHAT???!!!  What the hell...I mean heck!  Am I wrong?  Where in God's name (pardon the pun) does it say in order to believe that much in Christ that you can't have sex?  THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!!!  And that's why you have so many closet pedophiles in the Church, and it's giving the religion a bad name.  It's a good religion with a lot of good beliefs, but it's being poisoned by this stupid credence.  And there are so many Priests who want to have families and would be great fathers and husbands, but who can't because of some archaic law created by the Vatican so that they could maintain power and wealth.  Yes, that's why the whole barbaric rule came into place - because the church didn't want Priests to leave their possessions and properties to their wives.  They wanted it left to them.  And why can't Women be Priests?  Are men holier than women?  It's a joke.  I know I've asked a lot of questions here, but I think most of you feel the same.


My advice is this, Vatican, GET A CLUE.  We dont live in mid-evil times anymore, and im telling you - if Priests could be normal people who could have families and write on Facebook, you'd have a lot more followers.  It's not fair to them or us.  Religion is a good thing.  Whether or not there is some supreme being sitting in the sky judging us or creating a predestined existence, I don't know, but the thought of religion and what it means to be a part of something bigger than us is awesome.  Just like the Occupy movement is starting a new political party this summer on the 4th of July, maybe it's time we create a new religious movement.  Im not saying that I am putting myself in the Messiah's seat, but I think that there can be a Catholic religion where men AND women can be priests and where they can have families.  I mean can you imagine two priests getting married - men with men, women with women, men with much more holy could it get?  Right?


Have you ever felt trapped inside yourself?
Stuck to tell a story that you cannot tell -
Limited by something inside you that wants to speak,
that needs to speak, but can't?

Try living like this everyday of your life
with an impervious shell that blocks your train of thought.
Stuck with an important message that, no mater how hard you try,
no matter how much you want it, cannot manifest itself.

Try thinking to yourself, and talking to yourself
and whispering when you're alone, and screaming when you're in crowds.
Think about dancing in your dreams or falling from the sky,
then think of kissing someone you love, only to have them die.

Everyday we're here, is everyday we live.
And everyday we live is only thinking that we care.
To be inside your only mind, makes us want to give.
To think that we don't ever do, that makes me so damn scared.

To grip your worst of fears alone,
building up in you,
Is what I go through, day by day,
the times I can't get through.

Now wrap it nice and tight and warm.
Then shutter the thoughts of who.
Becoming ghostly white you're torn
At waiting for what's anew.

Then, and only then, will you understand me.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Girls of Today


Hey, everyone!  Sorry I haven't been around in awhile. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy kwanzaa, whatever...I've actually been busy, thank God, with work and other events that will soon be revealed.  Okay, I've been working with an amazing company and group of guys/girls over at Kindle Creative - check them out -  I signed on as a Creative Consultant with them, and we are pitching my shows right now.  I finally met a group of people who get me.  That means a lot, actually, the most.

One is about a very lovely, sexy, and intelligent woman, Sara Valentine, @SVandME.  Another is about good friends of mine, The Carlson Twins, who are two of the nicest, most talented guys you will ever meet.

The third is about one of my best friends and mentor, Harvey Goldstein, a world wide renown psychologist who is about to change the face of reality TV.

The fourth is about my good friend and amazingly gifted Make-Up artist and stylist, Jenny Karl @JennyKarlMakeup.  She is going to take us to places we've never been and help out struggling brides to become what they've always wanted to be.  Stay tuned.

I just finished up working as the Casting Producer for MLB Networks the 2012 Fan Cave -@MLBFanCave for VPE Talent - one of the best group of people I've ever worked for, as well @vpetalent.  I also just helped my cousin option his film "The Confession of Beacon Hill Bowie" to Alessi Films and Paul Alessi @pauljalessi who are looking forward to producing it sometime this summer.  So excitement is an understatement, to say the least.  Okay, now, let me get to my rant...

I am not trying to be conceited or arrogant or a douche who puts himself on a pedestal, but I think I am a pretty good catch - good looking enough, talented, motivated, funny, enthusiastic, a good job (sometimes), but finding a date these days, or finding a date with a good girl who gets me, has been a fucking struggle.  Now I could go on dates and have a girl on my arm who I don't really like, but that has never been me.  In my opinion, too many people settle, and I guess that's what I'm getting at - I DON'T WANT TO SETTLE.  I really want to fall in love or, at least, in like.  But I also am smart enough to realize that there is no perfect person out there for us to be with - I mean, our perfect match, the girl I dreamt about when I was little, when love could be attained, and I wasn't so jaded by life.  There was one...I'll leave it at that.

But nowadays, seriously, the girls suck.  Yeah, you suck.  For the most part they are self-centered Princesses who have been spoiled by their parents and told that they should never have to do anything for a guy and that they are the center of the universe.  So what's happened is that there are all these selfish, single girls approaching 40 who are clueless to why they don't have a guy and why they aren't married.  I'll tell you right now why - BECAUSE YOU SUCK.  You don't care about anyone other than yourself and because the first words that come out of your mouth is ME, and because you genuinely will never be a good wife.  And yes, there is a definition of being a good wife, just like there is one about being a good husband a Dad.  We all know what they are, so I will not waste any of our time defining those roles.  And lets not be naive - we all have roles.

Let me ask the girls one question - when you have been out on a date, did you ever ask the guy what he does, what he cares about, what matters TO HIM?  And if so, how long into the date did it take you?  If you have, and you are a caring person who wants to let her guard down, then you are the difference, not the norm.  But I can't tell you how many dates that I have been on where all I here is ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, from the other side of the table, and I'm like, "holy shit, shut the fuck up, already."  But I have to smile, bite my lip, and wait for another shot to make the whole situation make sense - and hope she lets me come home with her.  Let's not be stupid here, I am a guy, and that hope is always there.  But going home doesn't always mean getting laid.  Most of the time, it's nice just to lay there with a woman, feel her next to you.  Shit, that's the good stuff.

But I am so tired of the Girls of Today.  Even though the world has become so confused and upside down and absolutely fucking unpredictable, girls still like guys, and I'm pretty sure guys like girls.  That's an end game observation.  Just stop sucking, pardon the pun - you know what I mean.


What happened to girls being girls?  That is sooooo attractive.  Yes I understand that women have bigger careers these days, and that has become your focus, but if you just stepped back and be a girl, I mean a real girl, you would probably see that you would find a guy who would love you for you.  And I know the pent up fury right now that you have about me not talking about the DOUCHEY guys who are out there - bc believe me, I do not discriminate - we suck, too.  And lets not mix up the douchebag Wall Street losers into the group of guys I am talking about, bc we all know they are insecure losers who probably dropped out of college, but somehow make millions down in the market.  Girls need to let their guard down and be a little more vulnerable.  I know that's not easy, and I know accepting our roles isn't easy, but at the end of the day, until men and women understand that we don't understand anything about each other, we are going to run around chasing our tails.  Because our ignorance about each other and our complex differences is what makes us so attractive to one another.  No?

One last piece of advice for women - men are vey simple animals, pet them often, feed them, give them love, and they will do whatever you want :)


The first thing that I think of

You are the first thing that I think of
When I lift my head from sleep.
You are the last thing that I think of
When I start to dream so deep.

And in-between there are these moments
Of my daily moves and thoughts
That somehow show me pictures
Of your constant beauty caught.

With a power bestowed down on me
As energy and sight
That helps me in my day to day
And life’s eternal fight.

And then there is that feeling
That sucks the air from me.
It is your gift for me to give
My life to everything.

Because your force that makes this anew
Is beauty unbeknownst
To the naïve flocks of people
Who walk this earth without you close.

Yes, this little girl whose all grown up
And changing lives she sees.
She’s made me so remember
The loving man I used to be.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Unconventional Publicity - I'll take it!


I really don't mean to beat a dead horse, but if this is the only way I can seem to get publicity or attention for my writing, then so be it.  I'm not going to turn it away, nor am I going to shy away from it.  Lord knows I have tried all the conventional routes to get my writing, ideas, and concepts out there to share with the public.  So if an article, which was supposed to be one man's opinion about a celebrity's mishap on a plane is the platform that springs my career to the next level, who am I to argue?

Now, do I think it's ridiculous that this has to be the way, of course.  But in a messed up world where 6 seemingly unintelligent, drunk, bafoons have number one ratings week after week on the Jersey Shore and are getting paid millions of dollars, and where delving into the lives of perfect strangers who usually have no shame is all the rave, who am I to challenge it?

For those of you who live in a bubble, last week, Alec Baldwin was thrown off a plane for not shutting off his electronic device on which he was playing a word game.  Being that I was unceremoniously thrown off a flight back in June, and it became world news for some reason, I was contacted by CORKY SIEMASZKOa reported from the Daily News, who asked me for my opinion about the situation.  (  Little did I know that the entire article would be about me and the world-reknown actor would be nothing more than a side blurb.  At first, I was a little uncomfortable with it, but when I went to check on my Kindle account for my book, The Dividing Line, it said that I sold 280 copies in two days.  I don't know if I've been able to sell 280 copies in two years.  As of today, it is up to 319 e-books sold in three days.  That's awesome no matter how you look at it.

Will I shamelessly milk this publicity or attention as much as I can, hell yeah, I will.  I didn't take full advantage of the media hype back in June, and I was always a little confused as to why I didn't.  I think I was more afraid of it affecting my Producing career more than anything.  But I'm over that.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  Government conspiracy fiction is what I write about best, and I hope that if you decide to check out the book, you enjoy what you read.

Most recently, I have teamed up with Paul Alessi ( and Warren Goz to bring The Dividing Line, the movie to the big screen.  I will be updating everyone on those developments as soon as they are finalized.


Hmmm.  My advice...well, I would suggest getting thrown off a plane - just kidding.  But if you are someone who finds themselves in a situation that garners this much attention, and you are in a profession where no publicity is bad publicity, then I say use them as much as they are using you.  I did not get thrown off a plane with the intentions of this ever happening, and I didn't do anything to warrant me being thrown off anyway, and I was vindicated on that, but the media sold a lot of papers and got a lot of viewers because of it.  In this social media driven, internet crazy world we live in today, someone in New Zealand is as easy to reach as your next door neighbor.  I guess the one piece of advice that I would tell people is to stand up for what you believe in and work for what you are passionate about.  Whenever I am feeling defeated or get down and think that I am never going to make it, I always look at this card my mother gave me with the most amazing quote by H. Jackson Brown Jr., "Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do."

You're the only one who knows what that means to you.

And please read this link.  It's awesome.


The Secret Origin of Mirrors

As I look at myself, rubbing my eyes,
The solid mirror has changed.
Or was its sleek texture just a disguise,
Hiding these men who look strange?

Is this just a dream, can it be true?
The people behind my mirror
Working and moving, are they my muses?
I think it’s begun to get clearer.

I notice they're making something, I see.
A beautiful Angel of ice.
Dipping and gliding she looked to be free,
I couldn't help but look twice.

And in through the mirror I walk where they work
To look at the craftsmen's job.
I keep my distance, they give me a smirk,
As their families form a large mob.

They say they're making an Angel for town,
But do not mention the Witch.
The Angel will help all the families around.
The Other just makes people twitch.

When the workers are done, the Angel is free
To help all those people they talk of.
Her grace, her beauty, and even her speed
Make the people adore her and love her.

This splendid creation for beauty and peace
Sets off to do work for the needy.
She glides and she grooves with the utmost ease
Always helping those sickly and bleeding.

For days she travels and does great good
For women, children and poor.
She even helps a thief, a young sparrow brood,
Never seeing what she is in store for.

The wicked old Witch sits where she can see,
Pretending to cry, spit and choke.
Faking her sickness, she slumps near a tree,
Deceiving by wearing a cloak.

 As the Angel slides in just to do good,
She is met with a terrible fate.
The wicked old Witch is under that hood,
Enticing the Angel like bait.

Enchanted and still, the Angel of peace
Stands frozen like frigid wood.
Her angelic senses are at their least,
For once she cannot do good.

The wicked Witch screams, she cries out for joy,
"I've truly destroyed her…I win!"
Then she struts over there to break her new toy,
Unaware of her terrible sin.

But as she gets closer, her joy fades to fear,
There lay her reflection, she’s seen.
The joke was on her and she shed a tear.
It made her as sick as she'd been.

She dies on the spot from her ugly appearance,
Stumbling back past the tree.
She tumbles and falls just over the clearance
Into a ravine right near me.

When the people find the Angel on sod,
She seems like she’s dead as the air.
But the Angel who helped in the vain of a god
Has defeated the Witch of despair!

But one man calls down when something is seen.
It is an incredible wonder.
The old Witch's plan wasn't so keen.
It was clearly a beautiful blunder.

The Angel stares back, reflecting their image,
Something they love right away.
She has truly granted an amazing privilege,
Now they can look at themselves every day.

The people, they celebrate with wine and with beer,
With food, with handstands, not fear.
With hugs and with laughter and everything good,
Then one of them yells out a cheer…

"Thank God for the Angel who made everything clearer!"
Now I, too, have seen the Secret Origin of Mirrors.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cash Only This...


Is anyone else sick of having to pay cash for everything you purchase?  I mean give me a break. Now when I worked as a bartender and carried wads of cash in my pocket, it wasn't a problem, and when there were a couple of places who pulled this bullshit maneuver, I was fine with it, but when in God's name did the whole Brooklyn area become so brazen?  I once walked into a deli, put all my purchases on the counter, went to pay, and the guy told me "Cash only."  I proceeded to leave everything on the counter and told him he had to be kidding me.  I am proud to say that the deli in question is now closed.  

We all know why businesses ask for cash only, and I think it's time for the IRS to investigate these people. Having a cash only business is beneficial in a few ways: one it allows the company to hide their profits thus allowing them to cheat on their taxes - believe me i know, my family was in the restaurant business for a long time. And two, it allows them to avoid the credit card fees that they are supposed to pay.  

But what I want to say to these cheats is that eventually you will be caught.  And it's called THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS.  If you don't want to pay the fee, then don't open a business.  
And the best is if they don't take credit cards, the least they can do is have an ATM machine in their establishments.  The gaul of these people not only to not accept credit cards, but also not to have an ATM machine in a convenient place.    

CASH ONLY is bull.  I don't go to those places anymore.  And you shouldn't either.


i think the only way to stop these lunatics and put a stop to the CASH ONLY movement is to stop shopping and eating there. i think we should all call the IRS and have them investigate these cheaters.  The cost of doing business is exactly that.  They are cheaters, liars, and people who cannot defend their position.  Stand behind me.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Friends, how many of us have them?

Before I go into my rant, on this Veteran's Day, I want to say how much I appreciate and thank the people who do the things I don't have the balls to do, and protect our freedom.  And for all you idiots who think we would have the life we do if there was no military and people to go out there and fight and kill these lunatics who want 9/11 to happen everyday here, you should leave this country, please...From the bottom of my heart, thank you United States Military.


Friends, it's a really interesting word - the meaning even more intriguing.  Think about it.  Who truly is your friend besides some of your family and your Mom?  Who could you call at 3 in the morning from a foreign country when you have just been arrested, and that person would be on the first plane the next morning to bail you out?

There aren't many things we remember vividly from our past - I mean as though we were standing there yesterday - but I will never forget when I was 13 years-old my Mom telling me, "Rob, you'll be lucky when you're older if you can count your true friends on one hand."  And I remember thinking she was crazy because at that time I had about 10-12 guys/girls who WERE my friends.  They came over all the time, we had parties together all the time, we signed each other's yearbooks in June every year, saying "your friend, see you in September."  That was crazy talk.  That couldn't be.  That only happened to her.  But after 8th grade, I learned that her prediction or prophecy, might have had some validity to it because all those supposed friends, 1 by 1, started to disappear.  And it wasn't me, because I have been the same way since I was in kindegarten, it was life.  That's what happens, I guess.  People come in and out of your life all the time.  Some are there for a year, some are there for 25.  Some are there for a minute, and some are there for a lifetime.  But I think why that happens is because a lot of people don't really understand the true meaning of friendship.  I think a lot of people get lost in the drunk talk, and the bullshit of a night out where you profess your undying devotion to each other, where nothing can be wrong, and that life is great.  Well, let me tell you something, I've had a lot of those, and I can barely count my true friends on one hand.

I'm going to tell you right now what being a true friend is about, and I want all of you to think really hard about this and if it applies to you.  You know everyone's a friend when things are going great...  But you'll always know your real friends when you're at the bottom, because they will be there to pick you up.  They will call you first to see if you're ok.  They will take you out when you're feeling depressed and buy you a drink.  They'll talk to you and listen even when they don't want to.  True friends are always friends, even if THEY are having a tough time.  You are always there for each other, no matter what.  Being a true friend is accepting someone for who they are, not for what you want them to be.  It's not judging them, because Lord knows we all have our faults.  It's seeing something in them that either you wish you had or that makes you feel better about yourself and the world.  It's inviting them into your family when they are not your family.  It's trusting them with your deepest fears and your greatest joys, and not having them throw either back in your face.  And it's accepting their faults, and its forgiving them when no one else will.


Being a true friend isn't easy, no one ever said it was.  But when you find that person who you think could be like your family, who you have shared intimate moments with, who you feel has your back, don't let them go.  Don't let a stupid argument get in the way.  Life is too short.  We are all grasping for straws out there.  Believe me, you are going to need your friends one day because as good as it's going for you right now, tomorrow it could all change.

Now there are going to be times when you want to kill that person, or when you feel betrayed or feel like this person isn't your friend, but at the end of the day, if you are true friends, you will apologize, shake hands, and forget it ever happened.  I always say this, and I live by this, I don't have money, fame, power, influence, a woman, a life...wait, hold on, now I'm depressing myself :) but what I do have in this world, is my word and my loyalty.  Those are the only two things I got.  And if I'm you're friend, yes there will be depression, and annoyance, but there will also be a lot of fun and laughter.  Because come on, at the end of the day, when you take a real look at the place we live in, it sucks!  If you don't laugh, you'll cry.  Right?

I've added a new section to this blog.  I hope you enjoy.



The wave of Music shocks your body.
Your hands, they tremble.
Your feet, they stumble.

To feel it is to be it,
To love it is to know it.

An experience in which emotions run high,
and tears flow is a special high with which music lives.

It can hold you and comfort you, and it can bring you in touch with life.

That's why music waves your sights and numbs your joints.
That's why music stands you still and breaks your points.

Your hands, they tremble,
Your feet, they stumble,
Your feelings bumble.

And all the while, it's just the music.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Meter-Mutts, I meant Meter Maids...


If Meter-Mutts could all look like this.  We would take tickets with a massive smile :)))  I know I would.

Meter-Maids...  Now listen, maids is a term of endearment in my book.  But Meter Maid is one of the nastiest, grossest, words I have ever heard.  How many times have you parked your car for 10 seconds to go into a deli to buy a coffee or a bagel only to come out to see a Meter-Mutt writing you a ticket for $115?  And when you come out to ask them to PLEASE stop writing the ticket, they look at you like you're the jerk.  How many times have you come out of your parent's house, or your apartment, leaving your car by a fire hydrant with your blinkers on, only to have one of them writing you a ticket?  We have all had this happen to us.  I can't believe that no one has seriously injured one of these people yet.  And I am not saying that it is ok to physically assault anyone, but if these people weren't sweeping the public schools' bathrooms, they would be doing nothing else.  I have even gotten tickets when the meters were broken.  They give them to you in the hopes that you don't have enough time to take pictures, and send in evidence to prove you are not guilty.  And then sometimes, how do you prove it anyway?  Most of them really aren't nice, and then they want us to be friendly towards them.  Who gave them the rite to play God with the laws?  Who gave them the rite to take our money out of our pockets?  They don't own the city.  They don't make a profit from the tickets they write.  But yet they consistently take out that stupid red pad or mini-computer and write down or scan the most ridiculous fines that I have ever seen.  Then we have to fight them and beg the city to reduce them.

I will tell you this much, some of these people should be arrested.  I don't care what country, state, or world you live in, Meter-Mutts should be held accountable for their actions.  They never give you a break, and sometimes even stand there waiting for the meter to expire so they can write that ticket immediately.  They have the city and state's support, and they never have a word to say.  I swear to God, we all have to hold them accountable.

Read this...

My Advice

This is a hard one.  I really don't have any advice for this one.  I really despise them, as I know most of you do, too - especially in NYC.  They are bound by no laws and can write tickets even if they aren't legitimate.  And they do.  And it's not like the tickets are $30, $40...Some of them are now like $150 just for parking in the wrong area of the street.  And who can understand those signs in the city anyway?  I've lived here my whole life, and I still can't figure it out.  The only thing I can say is that is not right to hurt anyone, but sometime Meter-Maids push us to our limits.  They should have a class for them called customer service.  Lord knows they need it.  I know this is short, but I hope you enjoy.